Dec 6, 2016

Prayer: Mary's Song

Here’s a prayer of petition and intercession inspired by Mary’s Magnificat (Luke 1:46-55). It comes from the Christian Aid website.

(inspired by Luke 1:46-55)

He has brought down the powerful from their thrones,
and lifted up the lowly.” (Luke 1:52)

Merciful God, 
May Mary’s song be heard through the ages, 
drowning out the din of Christmas chaos. 

May it be heard by the victims of violence 
in the Democratic Republic of Congo. 

May it ring in the ears of the traumatised 
in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan. 

May it sing in the hearts of those stuck 
in the refugee camps of Lebanon, Jordan and Greece. 

May it be an earworm song of hope 
for all standing strong for land rights. 

May it be the rally cry of peace 
for the war-weary of South Sudan. 

May it nourish hope in the bellies 
of those fearful of failed harvests. 

May it be a song that stirs reverent fear 
in the hearts of those who assume power. 

And may the joyful promises of justice 
and overturned power fill all our hearts 
to overflowing action. Amen.

~ posted on the Monthly Prayer page of the Christian Aid website.

Dec 5, 2016

An Advent Prayer for Courage

Here’s an advent prayer from Ann Siddall, and the Stillpoint Spirituality Centre and Faith Community.

Prayer for Courage during Advent

Holy One, You call us to live in this world
as courageous bearers of hope,
standing in the face of all that seems
to contradict your Gospel and demean life.
Let us be courageous.

As the advertisements turn Christmas into a product,
and elevate prosperity and material possessions,
help us to show that the greatest gift of all
is Your presence at the centre of our lives.
Let us be thankful.

As families gather and tensions run high,
save us from false expectations and exclusivity;
from holding onto old hurts and resentments,
and from seeking love instead of giving love.
Let us be loving.

Let our celebration of Christmas be characterized
by our willingness to risk doing it differently,
and our witnessing to a deeper source of hope
than that which can be wrapped in bright paper.
Let us celebrate!

~ written by Ann Siddall, and posted on the Stillpoint Spirituality Centre and Faith Community website.

Prayer Reflection: The Word

Here’s a thoughtful prayer reflection from Roddy Hamilton.

Advent Word

it is ancient
as old as the first word
for it is the first word ever
spoken by a God
who was feeling the divine voice
for the first time

its sound has taken many forms through
the ages, but it speaks
still, the single
truth it always has

some hear it beating swords into ploughshares
others hear it hammering spears into pruning hooks
and still others hear the
original word
that shaped these others
the first word:
the word,

~ written by Roddy Hamilton, and posted on Mucky Paws.

Advent Prayer: Did You Hesitate, O Holy One?

Here’s a prayer for Advent from Rachel Hackenberg (see below for link).

Advent Prayer

Did you hesitate, O Holy One,
when you looked at the state of things
and imagined the pain of immersing yourself in it?

Did you debate with yourself
when you saw across the expense of time
and realized that we wouldn’t change much in the long run?

Did you despair for a moment
and reconsider previously abandoned options
(like starting over, as you did through the Great Flood)?

And are you hesitating again now,
shaking your head over our wars and glitz, and
remarking to the heavenly host: “Let’s give them more time”?

~ written by Rachel Hackenberg, and posted on Rachel G Hackenberg.

Dec 4, 2016

Affirmation of Faith: Luke 1:46-55

Here is a statement of faith for use with Mary’s song of praise in Luke 1: 46-55. It was written by Ann Siddall, and posted on the Stillpoint Spirituality Centre and Faith Community.

Statement of faith
(May be used following the reading of Luke 1:46-55,
or a sermon on that passage)

Our souls magnify the Lord,
and our spirits rejoice in God our Saviour,
for he looks with favour upon us
and sees our unrealized potential.

In the tradition of Mary,
and all who have said “yes” to God,
we stand here today,
to add our assent to theirs.

Like Mary, we feel overwhelmed;
we wonder if we are worthy,
or capable, of following the calling.
Like Mary, we have our questions
and we will not be afraid to ask them.
Like Mary, we will hear and ponder
the assurance that God will empower us.
Like Mary we will strive to say -
“Let it be with us according to your will.”

To whatever God is inviting of us
at this time in our lives,
and relying on God’s grace,

we say “yes.”


~ written by Ann Siddall, and posted on the Stillpoint Spirituality Centre and Faith Community website.