Jul 19, 2014

Opening Prayer of Praise

Here’s a prayer of thanksgiving and praise for the start of worship. It was posted on My Redeemer Lives website.

Prayer of Praise

O God from whom every gift derives,
we gather to worship You this day.
You are an awesome God,
greater than our comprehension or our imagination.
You are beyond any word we could ever use to describe You.
And yet, through Jesus, we know the intimacy of Your vast love.

We have come to You in thanksgiving and praise,
to know that You are God
and to place our lives anew into Your perspective.
Enlarge our vision this hour with Your Word.
Instill in us, again,
Your hope in place of our despair,
Your peace where our hatred threatens,
Your joy amidst our depression,
Your love overwhelming our apathy.

May Your Holy Spirit surround
and indwell this congregation now,
and forevermore.
In Jesus we pray. Amen.

~ posted on My Redeemer Lives website. http://www.myredeemerlives.com/prayers.html

Opening Prayer for Grace

Here is an opening prayer for grace. It was written by Michael Saward.

Prayer for Grace

O God our Father,
we thank you that today you have called us
to worship you and learn of you.
You alone know our needs.
Satisfy them with your unchanging love.
In your presence may we find comfort in sorrow,
guidance in perplexity,
strength to meet temptation,
grace to overcome the fascination of disobedience,
and courage to face up to the hostility of this rebellious world.
Above all, may we meet Jesus
and go out from our worship indwelt by his spirit.
This prayer we ask to your glory and in his name.

~ written by Michael Saward.  Posted on The Jubilate Group website. http://www.jubilate.co.uk/liturgy/

Unison Benediction: May We Go

Here’s a litany for the close of worship.  It was written by Rosie Venner

Closing Benediction

May grace and peace be ours in abundance,
in the knowledge of God and of Jesus our Lord.
May we be thankful for simple things,
for friendship, for health, for daily bread, for good news.
May we rise above the corruption of power
and become participants in the divine nature.
May we go from this place
to pursue goodness, wisdom, holiness and love.
God the Creator, call us to the work of the kingdom
God the Redeemer, keep us from stumbling
God the Sustainer, transform and inspire us. 

~ Written by Rosie Venner, from I Am Making All Things New. Posted on the WSCF Europe website

Closing Prayer for an Annual Meeting

Here’s a closing prayer for an annual meeting (or the beginning of a New Year). It was written by Rev. Gord.

Closing Prayer for Annual Meeting

God who has called us to be the church,
in this place today we have worshiped.
We have prayed, we have sung,
we have listened for your challenge.
In this place today we have met.
We have talked, we have shared,
we have made decisions.
Now our time together draws to a close
and we go back out into the world.
As we go out, fill our hearts with hope.
As we live as followers of The Way,
embolden us to share our light with the world.
As we are parts of various communities,
challenge us to build community wherever and however we can.
Over the year to come, move within and among this community of faith,
help us to live up to the goals that have been set before us,
strengthen us in ways we hope for and in ways we do not expect,
so that next year we will gather again
to share the good and the bad,
to look back on another year past,
and continue to hope for the years that are to come.
This we pray in the name of the One whose name we bear: Christ.

~ posted by Rev Gord on his blog, Worship Offerings. http://worshipofferings.blogspot.ca/

Call to Worship: Whose Story is This?

Here’s a responsive call to worship from the Third Space website.

Call to Worship: Whose Story?

Whose story is this?
This story is God’s alone to tell
It hums in the rivers and the trees
It whispers in the skies and the seas
It calls to the people of all places
It speaks in our hearts, in our lives 

Why then should we speak of this story?
This story calls our name in Creation
This story claims our lives through the Cross
This story shapes our future through the Spirit
We are its telling in this time and this place

~ posted on the Third Space website. http://third-space.org.uk/blog